After working with April, I am living in levels of clarity and health that I had not perceived as possible before.  Even other people notice and say things like, “To think of where you’ve come in a year.”  It’s been quite amazing to feel so empowered and energized to live every day to it’s fullest.  I have met a lifetime advisor in April.  

Lauren, LA

Many are called but few are chosen. Thanks April for being a source of guidance and understanding for the family. Sometimes it takes going outside our comfort zones to find and embrace the proper outlook. I myself live so much in the raw reality of each day that it took meeting you to get some new tools for my journey. I wish we all came with operation manuals like cars, from birth. Often times the things we do to each other in the name of discovery, ignorance, love, and overall just finding our way, all leave a trails  in and thru each others lives. It’s how we operate in our purest intention that determines if that trail is smooth for the next traveler or totally thrashed and full of challenges. Thanks for Being our “AAA” emergency roadside service. Thanks for providing answers and not justifications. Thanks for helping me with me. Appreciate you.
Dave Hampton- Engineer, Author, Educator

April is truly gifted and connected to spirit. visiting with her helped me make a paradigm shift in my life and work on making a real transition– opening up a world of possibility for me.  I’m still in that transition and she has been there to answer questions for me and help guide me and keep me on a positive track. She is warm, loving and welcoming and her energy cuts through the negative clouds and helps me feel like everything is possible.


I have known April for over 4 years and she has been a big help for me during some challenging periods/issues during that time. With positive intentions and clear insight, April has helped expand my perspective on various issues resulting in me being able to make more informed decisions. I have also found that the assistance April provides helps empower me to make better decisions/choices on my own going forward instead of creating any kind of dependency on needing her to help me with future issues that arise. I really appreciate the advice and sharing over the years and would recommend her services to anyone that needs help in the psychic/shamanic realm. With much gratitude.

Curtis Dutchak – Taiwan

“April is a healer with intimate connection to spirit. She is a medium through which we can connect to a higher source of wisdom.  April has this unexplainable, intuitive ability to grasp the depth of her clients struggles.  Her guidance, and support, offer clarity, understanding and targeted direction.  Better yet, she is expedient, and direct in her approach. She tells it like it is.  If you are unhappy with some aspect of your life, suffering from unresolved emotional trauma, loss of purpose in life, or just seek to reconnect with self on a deeper, more spiritual level, April can lead you to this deeper understanding, and greater truth in your life”.

Michael George, Body/ Soul Health Coach 

“I was at my wit’s ends – emotionally, spiritually and physically – when a friend recommended I meet with April.  I was in tears when I read the words “Remember Who You Are” on the website.  My pain was being called because I had lost my way.  I had truly forgotten who I was.  Clearly, I was out of alignment.  Therefore my session with April was something like visiting a spiritual chiropractor.  Her words popped and released memories hidden deep inside that were causing pain.  My heart was lovingly cracked open to allow Spirit in to do the work I needed to heal.

I have not stopped talking about April since the day I met her.  Whenever I have the opportunity to sit with a friend in need, her name always comes forward.  I recommend April without hesitation or reservation for anyone, skeptic or believer, because …Yes! She is truly that good.   If you are reading this then you are mere steps away from learning more about yourself, your purpose and falling back in love with your life.  Be Well!”

Collette McGruder, photographer and tarot reader

My session with April was not only healing but also uplifting. This has been something that was long over due in my life and something I was somewhat hesitant in doing. I am more than happy and pleased with my session. April’s gift and ability to do what she does is truly a blessing and something I needed in my life at a particularly difficult time. I now have answers and clarity for things that have been unclear to me for many many years. I feel at peace with something that has been haunting me for so long. Not only am I content with the things that have taken place in my past, but I am very optimistic about my future. I would recommend April’s services to anyone that is seeking the help. She truly have a rare gift.


April has a multitude of unique and powerful talents as a shaman, healer and visionary. After a session with her I feel so much more, integrated, uplifted, healed and just plain feeling all is well in my world! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a vast array of tools that she can call upon to help you, which always amazes me. I highly, highly recommend her work. What a precious gift to us all she is!

– Jeremy, Energy Gems

When it comes to months of the year, April is my favorite. But it does not hold a candle to the ways in which April Rucker is one of my most Favorite Friends. We met in 2011, right on time, over tea in Ojai, CA. From that moment on, I knew I was in the presence of someone with very special abilities to give and to heal others without depleting herself in any way. She is able to read any person like a book. Literally! I have asked for and used her guidance but what I most appreciate is her clarity and deep wisdom. That she has a wonderful sense of humor is the red bow around the beautiful package of her!

Mary L. Holden, writer and editor-  Phoenix, AZ

In my search for greater spiritual presence I was very fortunate to find April through a good friend.  April was able to lift almost all my worry and fear from my energetic field in just one session, this was a complete relief and living miracle.  I worry far less as I feel more closely held in the heart of god’s love.  This new state of being continues now as I live a life free from fear, more able to see clearly and be of service to take on greater problems of the world. We are here for a reason, that life purpose lives in our cells and when clouded with troubles from the past it can be very difficult to manifest our true purpose.  The clearing session allowed me to get much more fully present and feel more free and present, letting go of many past traumas immediately. April helped me enormously to feel free to go for it in spirit, life, work, family and the community.  Thank you dear April for your deeply generous soul and loving heart that gives so much to so many.  

Gail, CA


April is a gift to this universe. Any skepticism I have held in the past has been lifted by April’s authenticity and unquestionable genius. She is an angel and I recommend you experience her offering.
Kaycee- Los Angeles, CA



April has been a healer, a therapist and a friend through my divorce. She has helped me regain sanity and confidence in myself through various forms of healing techniques she practices. Since I’ve started working with her my life has taken some really positive turns and I have made improvements in different areas of my life fairly quickly. She’s patient, kind and very gifted! “

Jennifer Capriccio,  Actress and Dancer – Los Angeles, CA

My relationship with April Rucker changed my life…

I have been interested in and exploring shamanism, metaphysical healing and energy for 10 years or so. I have seen various shamans, healers and practitioners of all kinds. I’d stick with them for a while and outgrow them…realizing that I am ultimately the creator of my experience. Since that realization of being the creator of time and space fully registered for me, I discontinued my healer hopping ways.
April came into my life at a very pivotal moment of change. At that time, I had the opportunity to stay stuck in some old patterns and belief systems OR change them for good. She and I began working together and I noticed so many areas where I still wasn’t allowing myself to fully be the creator of time and space for my reality. There was no power she had over me as a healer. Her gentle, divinely guided and deeply transformative energy propelled me to keep mastering my own relationship with time and space. Writing a testimonial for her is challenging, because how do you really write something for someone that’s supported your whole life changing beyond what you ever thought possible.
She has been a guide, a mentor, a support, a friend, a tender ear, a stern message for change, a powerful channel. April Rucker is the only person I recommend, I go to for healing and guidance and I cannot say enough about her! She is a radiant, brilliant soul and offering something to you, if you’re truly ready for it!
Taylor E., Topanga, CA.


April Rucker is amazing to work with. I came to her at a time in my life when everything was rushed and felt a bit out of control.With no expectations, we shared one hour that changed my perspective. April offered explanations, suggested techniques for me to do and performed energy work. I hope to continue to learn and grow. Would definitely love to work with her again soon.

Carla B. – Southern California

April has been an amazing source of inspiration and transformation in my life. She has given me the ability to see my path clearly and feel strong in my decisions. She has been a white light in my life. April has helped me develop a stronger connection with my spirituality. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Kymberley McClay, NAVEN, Los Angeles, CA.

To anyone who has the opportunity to work with April, I would suggest that you just let her rock and roll!  She is life-changing wonderful. I’ve had the opportunity to experience her gifts and find that they are both profound and genuine. I consider her an authentic treasure.

Nicholas Harper, exorcist – New York


Last year I consulted April for help with long term depression. April spent several hours with me in person and then worked with me over the phone during the following week to make sure that all the adjustments were in place to stay. I’m happy to report that the chronic lifelong depression is still, 8 months later, in full remission. I’m also confident that,  should that change, April and I can figure it out and get me rebalanced again. I’m so grateful to have the benefit of April’s sure-footed esoteric expertise, and her loving support and steadfast belief in the truth of who I really am.

Anonymous, Brentwood, CA.



My daughter was diagnosed at a young age with “oppositional defiance” which is a catch all term when the psychology profession doesn’t really know what the problem is.  As a mother I knew there was some underlying serious problem as she had depression, anger management issues, explosive temper and a tendency to “shoot herself in the foot” far more than most children.  It was a marathon getting her through school and life and society tends to blame the mother for these kinds of behavior problems; I felt quite isolated in addressing this constant difficulty.  Working with April we were able to remove what was making my daughter so very troubled.  Overnight she was cured of a lifetime of torturous behavior issues and now I have my daughter back, this has been an absolute miracle and I am every so grateful for the divine grace embodied in April and her loving heart that is so very healing and wonderful.  It is such a blessing to under April’s watchful gaze and know that she walks alongside me and my family. Thank you April, thank you for doing this work.
A loving mother- Palo Alto, CA


“April is incredible, yet I must say beyond incredible, as my personal direct experience of her work is real, tangible and lasting.
If your heart guides you to work with April, follow it.
I trust you will enjoy the gifts of awakening, clarity and light as I have.”

GFW – Senior Wealth Advisor and Green Economy Development, Santa Monica, CA


April is an incredible healer, she really knows how to tune into the spiritual world and talk to one’s spirits.

Marla Leigh Goldstein,   professional percussionist, flautist and composer—Los Angeles, CA


Meeting April is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She has helped guide and teach me in ways I never could have imagined. Her gifts are numerous, and most importantly she uses them for the good and betterment of others. I feel I am a better mother, friend, partner, and an all around better person through the work I have done with her. I don’t just recommend going to see her to others; I encourage it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you April for all you do.

Venus, Los Angeles, CA


In 20+ years of health and spiritual seeking, I have never even come close to experiencing the healing power that April and her “team” of otherworldly helpers/guides have blessed me with. My session with her was more than just an experience that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life–it left me healthier, lighter, happier, and more hopeful and optimistic than ever before. Compulsive eating habits have been removed and in their place I’m filled with an inner strength and power I have never before experienced. My energy is different, hence my life is different–better, easier, and more exciting. I’m more congruent with and have a clearer understanding of my values, aspirations and abilities. I could go on and on—the bottom line is that she is miraculous. Go experience her for yourself, and allow your team to amaze you through her work.

Dr. Mike, Chiropractor, Santa Monica, CA


 It is with sincere excitement for you that I write this testimonial because this means you’ve had the great fortune of discovering “The Lantern”, April Rucker.  I live in Seattle and was unable to have a face to face healing session with her, so we worked together on the phone.  The healing that occurred through that session transcended time and space, and it quickly became apparent I didn’t need to be in the same room as her.  The most profound healing occurred in my family relations.  Cords and ties I could not see and was unable to heal alone were released.  I have spent 12 years consciously walking the Spiritual Path in this life but I simply could not see or release these painful obstructions.  In the weeks following the session I can confess a much deeper capacity to love without conditions, not only toward others but to myself.  I was on a plateau and stand-still in my life, but now I feel once again in The River, the Great Flow of Life, where the purification continues and the return to God Itself is occurring with greater ease and deeper trust.  I cannot recommend a session with beloved April enough–what she and her Spirit Team did for me I could not do for myself.  I am very excited for you.
Blessings on your sacred path,
Dawn S., Hospice Nurse, Seattle, WA




It’s difficult to capture in words the impact April has made on my life. She’s a very special person and a true healer. April isn’t solely a psychic. While she does have those types of powers, she’s so much more. April has helped me release cords that have held me back in my relationships and career. She cleansed my home and completely changed the energy of my surroundings, and she has made my life so much richer with a new understanding of spirit guides and angels. April is modern day medicine woman, and I’m grateful she is part of my life.

Amanda Daniels, Heart Healthy Mom, Los Angeles, CA


 My initial session with April was a profound first for both of us.  For her it marked the beginning of a wonderful new life as a healer, teacher and shaman.  For me it was the first of many powerful and cathartic experiences with a woman I soon came to regard as one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. In that first session April was cautious and mindful in her approach.  Without me saying a word she gave insight, including very specific details, into personal areas of my life and guidance on how to obtain the needed support.  She scanned my body for energetic imbalances, discovering areas in my heart and on my right ankle, the location of an undisclosed injury.  Having worked with several experienced healers and understanding that this was her first session, my expectations remained minimal.  She placed her hand on my heart and I went into shock, feeling waves of emotion and pain rush to the surface.  My body convulsed and tears ran down my face as I cried in release.  After successive waves of deep release April balanced and harmonized my energetic system.  The experience was incredible.

I had seen April at social functions and gatherings of friends after that day, though it wasn’t till a year and half later that I went to see her again for a session.  I was astounded to find that she had not only established an very successful full-scale practice, but that she had seemingly undergone an incredible personal transformation.  Her ability to transmit information and move energy seemed to have increased tenfold.  She had remained humble, yet in full command of her power.  She drew from a vast index of information and knowledge while staying perfectly connected.  She radiated such unconditional love and acceptance that to be in her presence was awe-inspiring.  Her positive impact on my life is untold, and I am ever thankful for the gift that is April Rucker.

Casey Hale,-Los Angeles, CA


My journey with April has been one of love. She encompasses the word. Being around her is like being curled up in a warm blanket in your favorite spot on the coziest couch on a cold winters eve.  April has taught me to teach myself. I was always looking for something else or somebody else to connect me to God, to divine light, to my angels and to my guides. Working with her and learning to look at myself through my own eyes. Learning forgiveness,  learning acceptance, learning peace…starts with me and only me. She has helped me open my heart and attract love, attract abundance and joy. I now am following my dreams with the confidence and worth I never knew I had. I am eternally grateful for the work we have done and continue to do. She is April Rucker. She is my Shaman.

Carrie -Florida  


I have been working with April for about six months now. When I first met her, I had not yet had any experience with the type of work that she does. Our first meeting came as the result of a suggestion from a friend, who upon seeing what a rough emotional state I was in, felt that April was the person that I should talk to. I went into our first meeting having absolutely no idea what to expect. We began by talking about my situation, and right off the bat, I found her presence very calming and felt safe in a way that I had never felt before with the spiritual teacher I was working with at that time. I felt this was someone that I could trust and open up to and whose only motive for coming to see me was to assist me in finding my way out of the mess that I had put myself in.

Shortly into our conversation, she quite directly told me that there was a “plate” covering my heart chakra. I wasn’t surprised to hear this though I was surprised at my hesitancy to allow her to remove it. I remember actually having a dialogue with myself for a few minutes in which I attempted to figure out what it was that I was resisting. Looking back now, it’s clear that it was fear resulting from an unfamiliarity with this kind of work as well as fear of what might happen if my heart were freed. Fortunately, I eventually realized how silly my apprehension was and let her remove the plate. During the healing process, it became quite clear that this was the first time I had ever experienced real healing, and I’ll never forget it.

That first meeting was a new beginning for me. Since then, I have begun to open up more and more, and I am now walking a spiritual path filled with heart that is open, flexible and goes hand in hand with every aspect of my life. In addition, I feel truly empowered and I now see myself in a much more positive way than I used to. I look forward to and cherish each of my meetings with April and have introduced friends of mine to her that also feel the same way that I do.

Adam Jackson -teacher and student of tea, Taiwan


Having a healing session with April is like throwing a sacred rock into a pond – I am still reaping the positive benefits of our work together months after our initial session. Her breadth of knowledge is as impressive as her spiritual talents. I recommend April to anyone ready to embrace change.

Pat Payne,  Artist – Los Angeles, CA


When I’m with April, her bubbly and infectious laughter turns any cloud to joyful sunshine; I feel her loving embrace in her bright eyes. As she begins to channel this love when listening to my Guides, the room intensifies with her focus. The advice, guidance and truth brought to me through April has helped me to be a higher self and keep searching for my inner truth and greatest joy. I am so grateful to have April, personally and professionally, in my life and believe in her work wholeheartedly, no matter the skepticism I came in with, as it rings too true to my heart to be anything other.

 Brianna, student -NY, NewYork


I believe April is an amazing medicine woman! Each time I have seen her I have experienced something new and unusual helping me move forward in my journey.

L.S., author

Words cannot express the depth of Gratitude I have for April Rucker. She has been a transformational force in my life. I have experienced numerous sessions with April; shamanic healing and clearing, soul retrieval, grid work, mapping, and am honored to have had her as guide and mentor through the Munay Ki rites. April is highly intuitive and attuned to Spirit, an astonishingly clear and direct channel. She is incredibly devoted to her work, helping all who cross her path to awaken to their own inner healer, light and truth. April has encouraged and supported my empowerment, growth and transformation beyond my wildest dreams! I cannot more highly recommend her as a powerful shaman, guide, healer, mentor. She is also the kindest most loving person you will ever meet 🙂

Taylor Phinny – Encinitas, CA.