The world needs light-bearers – those who heal, elevate, and shine their own truth. There is no shortage of people, plants and animals that need help. By aligning one’s self and harnessing innate capabilities, each of us has the power to positively influence the course of our own lives as well as the lives of countless others.

For those who have worked with April, invitation-only training is available throughout the year privately and in workshops. Specialty workshops and events focus on different areas such as the Remember Who You Are foundational workshops, inner child healing, meeting spirit guides, the medicine wheel, tea ceremonies, and the Lantern Levels healer workshops.

In these workshops and training sessions April shares powerful techniques and methods that are both ancient and modern, much of which is received directly from spirit. These practices may be used to compliment and enhance one’s current life or to open new pathways, careers and experiences, for the greatest possible journey.