At the core of April’s service is the Universal Transformation session. As souls participating in the earth experience, we have all gone through the joys and challenges of being human. Every limitation or ailed piece of a human being has its root cause – mental, emotional or spiritual. As a specialist in these arenas, April draws from myriad wisdom pools, healing methods, and directly from spirit to affect positive change at the soul level.

When a person becomes crowded and clouded within their energy bodies a host of effects emerge: growth stagnates, functionality decreases, and toxins build to the point of disruption and disease. Instead of communing with the soul and higher truth a person will reroute their channels to rely on the limited mind and emotions. Disturbance runs throughout the energy bodies – astral, karmic, psychic and etheric.

In a Universal Transformation session, April and the spirit guides address what is most relevant and needed. Each of these sessions are unique, conducted in accordance with the soul and spiritual helpers, and may involve a variety of healing methods and techniques.

By healing wounds and removing charges, limiting beliefs, paradigms, grids and programs, the causeways are rightly cleared and channels are aligned. This is the art of spiritual healing and science of the soul that reconnects individuals to their core authentic selves and true power, making for the greatest level of abundance, growth and life transformation.