Like our bodies, our homes and workspaces can accumulate a buildup of heavy energies. These energies can come from people, past occurrences, geographic locations and other energy systems. Cleansing and protecting your space can revitalize and infuse positivity, comfort and productivity into your environment.

Structures are built on land – earth locations which often have extensive histories and a plethora of energies. In addition to land energies, the buildings themselves are constructed of materials that carry imprints, memories and grids. In addition the energies attached to furniture, household objects and belongings can have a deep and lasting affect upon inhabitants.

By clearing unwanted energies and activating, protecting and aligning the property and structure, April creates maximum energy flow for abundance, inspiration and harmony. Making a temple of one’s space brings more than positive manifestation for partnerships, families and businesses – it ushers healing for the planet and all it’s inhabitants.