Drum Medicine

Drums have been used in healing ceremonies for thousands of years, drums carry the spirit of music and dance, the freedom of movement and expression. Drum Medicine takes you on an inner journey.

As you fully partake in your Drum Medicine, you may begin to feel like you are light, yet heavy, it may resemble what some would call a ‘trance’ state, you are conscious of your surroundings, yet fully submerged in the unconscious, as you travel your journey.

For that reason, Drum Medicine can be considered ‘hypnotic’, as the drum beats, its energy, its vibration begins to mingle with yours, affecting your entire being, your entire bodily network, as you loose yourself in the drumming you become deeper and deeper entranced while the Drum Medicine works it way through every atom of your body.

Once you have finished your Drum Medicine session, you will feel refreshed, enlivened, revitalized, light, you will feel positive and find that you are left smiling, fully aware. The more you enter into the Drum Medicine, the more you will receive from it. Healing of any sort cannot be fully received to a closed person, you have to be willing to be open to the experience, open to partake in the journey and open to receive.

April uses an elk drum primarily, as well as buffalo, goat and frame drums.