The physical bodies, our souls,  come into are a product of our ancestral lineage – not only in terms of the genetics that creates the body but also in terms of the cellular memory each body stores.

In our life times, we dump into our cellular memory some of our emotional and mental pain and suffering, our thought patterns (positive and negative), physical patterns, our beliefs, and our limitations. This memory in the cells is passed on to future generations. We in turn are affected by the cellular memory of our ancestors.

This inherited cellular memory places inherited limitations on our cellular memory, which we take on as our own until it is released. Ancestral cellular memory can inhibit our lives, our emotions, our thought patterns and our beliefs. Common examples of ancestral cellular memory that can affect us negatively are anger, addictions, abuse, and limiting beliefs.

As part of our growth and purpose for  being here we need to heal our ancestral line to release ourselves from the effects of our inherited cellular memory, as well as releasing our ancestors from these burdens as well.  Ancestral healing helps us to remove these patterns, beliefs, thought processes and limitations that are not of our own making.

So spare a thought for your descendants – in this life you too are creating cellular memory, let it be positive and affirming memory’s that will enhance the future lives of your descendants of this physical body. Let your cellular memory be positive memory.