Of the many forms of contact with the spiritual planes, one of the most fundamental and widely experienced is contact with loved ones who have crossed over. The results of this contact can be profound and life altering.

After exiting the physical body a person’s spirit enters nonphysical realms of reality. A deep transformation occurs though the form and persona often continue, much as they were. From this new perspective and state a bigger-picture vantage point is assumed. Outside of the time-space construct the spirit is capable of reaching out, visiting and assisting those of us still here.

As a medium, April serves as a communication channel to those on the other side. Making contact with lost loved ones can provide an opportunity to heal old wounds, gain vital insight and information, bring about closure and make peace. On a more powerful level this contact can provide first hand experience with the spirit world, knowledge of the hereafter, and evidence that life indeed goes on.