The Way We Spend Our Time Defines Who We Are | i am april rucker

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During the holidays I always have the esteemed honor to talk to many of the graduates belonging to my clients- graduates by the way is the term I coined to refer to those that have crossed over.

Out of all those graduates I talk to, in all the messages they so graciously allow me to translate, they all have such similar themes and messages, the theme of time with their loved ones.

I’ve never had a graduate say to me, “I wish I had spent less time with the people I love.” No, they speak the opposite- they talk of how much they cherish the time spent with the ones they loved, how they wish they had spent more time with the people they loved. They don’t talk about how they wish they had made more money, been famous, or about how they wished they had closed a business deal or fit into that size of a dress.

They speak of love, they speak of time with their loved ones.

So while you are here on earth, spend time with the ones you love. Not the ones you feel obligated to spend time with, the ones who light up your day- spend time with those. Make it a priority. On the day of your graduation, yes there may be talk of your accomplishments, your legacy- but when the talking of those accomplishments fades what will be left in people’s hearts and minds long after you have gone is the time, the love, those special moments only a few of you will share together, and the way you made people feel in their hearts.

Be honest with yourself this holiday season about what matters most to you. So that when you are a graduate you can say to your loved ones, ” I have no regrets, I spent my time well- I loved deeply and the people in my life knew it.”

Happy holidays from one magical heart to another!