The Akashic Records are an energetic repository of everything a soul has undergone since conception. This includes every incarnation, experience, contract and everything in vibrational escrow. Since the Records are read from a person’s highest sense of self they are multidimensional, high frequency and fundamentally neutral – unaffected by ego and the pain body.

From the Akashic vantage point, much of the human conundrum is elucidated: past life contracts keep people playing out the same dramas and old vows keep them marching for an obsolete cause. An accumulation of unaddressed karmic lessons creates a constant stream of turmoil and confusion.    

By working with an individual’s Akashic Records, April is able to release old vows, contracts and karma, freeing them to align with their authentic truth. Above and beyond healing and insight, April reconnects the direct line to pure potential within the Records, illuminating future pathway possibilities that represent the greatest soul desire.