The sacred journey is a quest of the soul, traversing the bridge between spirit and earth. Through guided meditative states, spiritual journeys allow the participant to experience the nonphysical planes, retrieve fragmented aspects of self, receive guidance and tools, and gain support and healing for the soul.

On earth we are entrenched in physical reality and this tends to disconnect us from the multidimensional aspects of ourselves, as well as from our true reality and home in spirit. The ability to hear our ancestors and Spirit Guides falls quiet. Aspects of our outgrown selves act out and cry out for help from their future selves – us – and we ignore them.

In a sacred journey April guides these voyages of spirit. Ceremonial drumming creates hypnotic vibrations to support the altered state while also cleansing and elevating the person’s energies. These journeys can be both blissful and demanding – they are spiritual missions for deeper understanding, higher truth and soul restoration.