A Perspective of the Soul Loom | i am april rucker

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The other day in a session a clients “graduated”/crossed over mother came into the session to explain to him a perspective of what’s going on in his life. It was such a beautiful explanation and expression of truth I wanted to share it with each of you.

She explained the he was standing in between the threads of a weaving loom while a beautiful tapestry was being woven. And that he needed to take a step out of the tapestry to get a better and bigger picture of what was being woven.

Very often we find ourselves caught in the soul loom, while the threads of our tapestry are being woven. The threads of death, loneliness, feeling lost, loss of direction, being fired from our jobs, births, illness, divorces, marriages, etc.. Those threads start weaving around us so much so that those hundreds of threads began to look overwhelming and paralyzing. Picture yourself standing in a room with thousands of threads and strings actively moving aground you. The threads stretch around you, tangle you up and keep you from seeing clearly in front of you. Everything from this perspective would seem daunting and exhausting. If we are in between the threads being woven, we feel lost, tired, overwhelmed, wondering if anything is going to start moving forward. We question what the meaning of all of this we are experiencing is.

Take a pause here and think of a situation, task, experience you feel perplexed or overwhelmed by. Now ask to see where you are in the weaving of this situation. Are you in the threads of the soul loom, attached to one of the threads are you smushed inside an already woven piece? Now pause and ask your soul and your higher realm to lift you from the perspective and point of balance you are now in and move you into a bigger perspective. Ask them to show your the tapestry that’s being woven. Let your mind relax and see the beautiful tapestry that your soul loom, the universe, is weaving for you right now.

With this perspective, outside the weaving loom threads, you can see the over view, gaining a better eyesight and soul sight of what is happening. Also, another cool thing from this perspective is that you can make changes to what’s being woven. Maybe you see some adjustments or shifts of threads you would like to make.

Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed, wondering “what in tarnation is going on”, remember this perspective of the weaving loom and pull yourself from the threads and look to the image of the beautiful tapestry your soul and the universe are weaving.

Take the bigger perspective of your soul loom, it’s a stunning tapestry if only you will see it.