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The Latin phrase, “age quod agis”, the literal translation is “do what you are doing”, but in essence, it means “whatever you do, do it well” – whatever you do, do it with all of yourself. I have always believed and adhered to that adage “whatever you are doing do it well”.
So often we are rushing through our daily tasks, phone calls, jobs, traffic, etc… Not even realizing what energy we are creating with every “mindless” and mindful task. We tend to show up for the tasks that matter to us: our spiritual practice, that big business meeting, that possible networking connection. But how are you showing up for those things that won’t seemingly benefit you.

How do you drive in traffic?
How do you deal with each interaction with family or friends?
Are you present and “showing up” as much as you are for the person you want to impress?
How do you undertake those daily tasks that don’t interest you but have to get done?
How do you deal with and show up for those things you don’t want to deal with or face?
Are you just “doing” this job to get to something better?












Every single thing your putting even a smidgen of your energy into matters. If your rushing through “to get there, for that”, you are telling the universe I’m only showing up for those things that could benefit or that matter to me. In a sense you are controlling what the universe can bring to you, teach you, show you. You miss the aha or the clarity that could come from that moment while washing dishes, or because you were rushing through traffic you missed the 6 bumper stickers that answered your current plaguing question, or what if you not honoring a financial obligation to a family member in a just manner changed your vibration and the way the universe brought you the flow of abundance. What if making that phone call to someone you have been ignoring sparked an idea, healed a wound… all of these seemingly “insignificant” things matter.

It’s almost like someone giving you a speech about treating the planet kindly and then getting on the phone and being short with their friend. Consistency of your energy matters. Will your friends and family say that you show up the same way you do for business as you do for them?

Do you take as much pride and care in washing the dishes by hand as you did writing that love letter? When your meditating, finding that inner peace and then you choose to gossip what is that saying?

Are all of your expressions of self matching?

Are you consistent and proud of how you show up? Where do you notice inconsistencies of how you are showing up?

Is it easier for you to honor tasks when they benefit others, or when they benefit you?
With every task are you showing up with honor, kindness and grace for the task at hand?
Can you say about yourself, “they know I will show up and do a good job no matter what I am doing”?

Whatever you do it well. Wellness is presence. so when your presence is in everything you do it will automatically be done well.

“Doing well, doesn’t mean perfect- it means doing the best you can at the moment.”

Whether winning a gold medal in the Olympics, a child making crafts, giving care to the elderly, doing our best work wherever we are (office, store, school, hospital) at whatever we do- we fulfill our destiny, living out the vibration we are creating with every single task, choice, and interaction.

The seemingly small task, action, words and choices are creating your vibration, thus changing the outcome, universal flow, perception and manifestation of the things that you feel matter. “Age quod agis” means acting with wisdom, discernment, integrity, empathy and compassion – qualities that emanate from the inner being/the soul – qualities that are not driven by ego, greed or time lines. It means doing well, from moment to moment, with your whole self.