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We’re all spiritual beings in physical form, here on Earth to live, learn, and make a difference.
Earth is the grand Ivy League university, The Ivy League school of all the planets! A university where we are making choices, decisions, and observations all the time. So instead of worrying about going in the wrong direction, making a mistake, getting off course, or our timing of how things should happen, strive to learn from the choices and decisions that you do make. Learn from the timing the universe is showing you and then adjust your course as you go along and most of all, have fun with what you and the universe are choosing as you course correct.

Correcting your course as you move through life is powerful, useful, and will keep you growing. Many people resist course correction because they are in their earth timing, and expectations, “he needs to be here by July because this is all I’m focusing on” or “I need to have this job and this car by the time I am 40″, ” I need to be this weight, make this paycheck, live in this house, have this love life, then I will be happy”. Our tight hold on earth timing and earth “results” sometimes shows resistance to course correction. Our mental minds so tightly hang on to earth time and how things will play out. It is kind of funny how much we grasp at seconds and our expectations and try to hold down dates and outcomes, its like putting a pole through a tsunami to hold it in place. It’s just not gonna happen.

Picture a fast moving river, one that you white water raft in,  now picture the water resisting flowing around a rock ” well we’ve always flowed to the left and now this big rock is in the way and were just going to stop moving all together until we can go back left or until we’ve had some time to think about this more.” Can you imagine what rivers and oceans would look like if the water wasn’t in complete surrender, allowing course corrections constantly, we would have mountains of water, no tide to carry our boats.

When you realize something’s not working for you, it feels off, something hasn’t manifested yet, or your not having fun; learn from it, be willing to change, be willing to honestly look at why it hasn’t manifested … adjust, and try to allow yourself to surrender with the flow of life to head in a new direction. That’s the cool thing about divine surrender, you let the powerful current pull you away from swimming upstream, into a flow that has no struggle.

Very often we get stuck on a certain life lesson, or perhaps you feel like you’re making significant progress but not really headed in the direction of your highest and best life purpose. This is when the Universe tends to align a course correction on your path.

 Some examples of course correction:

 ” I have been afraid for years to go home because I only wanted to go back once I made it big as an actor, my career didn’t take off, and after years of fighting it, I am excitedly moving back home not caring what anyone says.”

” I only have wanted to focus on romantic love and now my highest sense of self is asking me to focus on connecting with it more. Love isn’t manifesting now, so reluctantly I need to focus on this piece with my soul first. I’m not excited totally about this course correction, but it is the experience I chose.”

” but I’ve lived here for 45 years, I hate where I live but I can’t afford to move, but I have been evicted due to the new freeway.”

Self imposed course corrections are much more fun and gentle than ones triggered Universally.
Have you ever felt that out of nowhere everything in your life came crashing down around you? Or maybe you’ve experienced like a hundred things in your life falling apart and falling away all at once? Or everything has come to a halt, forcing you to address one thing?

If you have, you’ve likely experienced a universal intervention to trigger course correction. Let me give you a hint, the Universe whispers repeatedly to course correct, so when the crashing comes, I bet you already knew it was a coming.

This type of course correction can be harsh, it may feel unjust, sudden, and may seem like a severe punishment. But if you can remember to step back, breathe, change your bubble and go with the divine river  flow, you may be able to see that the Universe is actually conspiring with you to create positive change, to get you back on track, to course correct you to the highest vibrational path.

Be willing to change, to change your expectations, your timing, and your course correction will be much less painful.

The lesson here is to pay attention, listen to the heart of your highest sense of self and to your intuition, and be willing to change.

Correct your course as you learn and grow, as you gather more information, and take the time to get out of the chaos of the mind of earth time, and into your heart to figure out what is really important for you to experience here at earth university. To experience What truly brings you authentic joy.
Ask your guides and angels for help aligning you with what will most serve you, ask the universe for support during these course corrections. Then stay open, observant and aware, and be willing to go with the flow.

Learn, grow, adapt, correct your course, and keep adjusting as you move forward and have fun! This is earth Ivy League after all, your already the best of the best, so don’t sweat these changes, just simply course correct.

2015 is going to move fast, allowing course corrections will help you tremendously this year to evolve and manifest all you desire with joy and ease!