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Stumble out of bed throw on the ole’ sweatshirt and take the dog out, alarm beeping and your tired again, climb in the shower grumbling to get ready for work, start thinking about the person who didn’t call or text you back, stuck in control of how your day should start, rushing around and running late again, pull the covers back over and hit snooze. Any of these sound familiar to how your starting your day?

How you start your day determines how you will live your day. These first five to ten minutes of waking are some of the most crucial moments to how your day will manifest and evolve. It sets the tone for the entire day.

So this next week try some different things upon waking, see which ones work for you. Which ones make you want to hop out of bed, excited, giggling, ready and open for the day.

Sample Morning Regime:

  1. As soon as you open your eyes ask your bubble to be changed. Visualize the energetic bubble around you dissolving and a new bright shiny bubble coming around your entire body.
  2. Ground yourself. Visualize a cord flowing from your spine into the earth right into Gaia’s hands.
  3. Express your gratitude, gratitude for yourself, for your team, for the universal forces, for nature, for the contrast, for your guides and angels that are on this planet supporting, guiding and loving you.
  4. Writing release: Purge emotional writing (write for 12 minutes everything you are feeling and thinking and then take the paper and burn it), artists way morning pages (3 pages of continuous writing every morning).
  5. Mediation 5-20 minutes, this can be sitting -open eye- walking meditation- guided meditation.
  6. Set your intentions for the day: ” today I allow myself to receive love, abundance, authentic communication.” “Today I set the intention of fun and laughter.” “Today I will love myself fiercely.”, “today I ask for clear guidance and assistance with ___.”
  7. Move your body… stretch, do a little yoga, go on a walk.














And now have the amazing day you co-created with the universe!!!

Try some of these out and see how it goes. Maybe you want to add tea time in or some drawing time. Maybe you want to listen to some nice relaxing music or go for a swim in the ocean… if you pause and tune in, what do YOU need to to do to start your day and have an amazing day. If you notice yourself having a bad day or feeling not so great, pause and ask yourself “how did I start my day?”

You will get out of the day, how you start the day. This is your responsibility to set the tone, to set the intention.