Prayer | i am april rucker

Posted by | March 19, 2014 | Fireside | No Comments

Recently, I held a tea with the “theme/intention” of prayer. I read passages from Anne Lammott’s book and spoke of my own experiences about prayers. While we sipped the bug bitten oolong and the an extinct puerh tea you could feel a calmness, a sweetness begin to emerge.

As we laughed about first experiences with prayers, those that panicked at sleepovers when they heard “now I pray The Lord my soul to keep, if I should die” die- “wait what! I thought we were having pancakes in the morning”. To other experiences of elders using words like thou Belm of thy kingdom, forsaketh – words that some of us realized made us feel like “what ARE we supposed to say”?

Lastly, we spoke about the prayers others have prayed for us. In that moment of quite pause, as the hummingbirds danced all around our tea bowls, I felt this huge swelling of emotion within me while acknowledging and truly feeling all of those thousands of prayers that have been spoken for each one of us.

I ask you to consider this month to pray, pray to your guides, source, nature, the universe. Speak it your way- say ” hey what’s up” , “I’m gonna need some big awesomeness with this one angels”. When your praying, asking, thanking this month please pause in those moments of prayer and ask to feel all those prayers that have been said for you. In my opinion, that moment will awaken you to a whole new relationship with prayer.