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Start with nature. 




Listen, I get it, this spiritual “stuff” can be a lot. It’s a new world, It can be a little over the top, where do I start, what’s comfortable for me out there, Etc…

Believe me I get it, I grew up in west Texas where Football and cotton farming were part of the religion so to speak.       

 Yes, I have found merit in grounding, meditation, crystals, drums, and connecting to my spirit guides and the other side. 

If that’s not comfortable for you, or doesn’t resonate with you, start with nature, start with purest form of it all.

The most profound and ultimate transformational tool is nature. When you are tired or thinking of a get away vacation you think of heading to the mountains or the water most often, right?

There is no mistake in that soul desire. Nature is here to support, to fill, to soften, to provide clarity for us.


Some things you can do to begin: go on a hike or walk, sit by the beach, fill your house with fresh flowers.

And after the hike, the day at the beach, acknowledge how you feel.  Do you feel better? Rejuvenated? More hopeful? Clearer?


You see, nature fills our energy tanks and clears us. As you start to notice more and more what a resourceful life tool nature can be,  begin to work with it.



Take a current struggle or uneasiness you are having and walk to the edge of the ocean (river, lake) line, with that current situation/struggle in mind ,

let the ocean rinse up over your feet and take the present presence of struggle from you. Let it take that from you as the tide goes back to the ocean.

Walk up to a tree and sit with your back against it and breath, just breath. If you want an answer to a question or concern have the question or thought in your heart,

as you breath with your back against the tree ask for clarity within, see what happens, just breath and be patient.


Give it a try and see…. It couldn’t hurt could it?


Spiritual growth is about your journey. No one else’s. If something doesn’t resonate with you then leave it for now.

You don’t need to fill your house with Tibetan bells, books, crystals, pictures of gurus, incense, unless those items resonate with you, with your journey.

  A “fig” tree can provide you with all the fulfillment, lessons and teachings you need. Find what is true for you and trust yourself.

 Keep it Simple and Enjoy.