Astronomer or Astronaut? | i am april rucker

Posted by | April 02, 2014 | Fireside | No Comments

Wow, this year is really flying by isn’t it! The first days of spring are already upon us and I’ve already begun my spring planting and blowing that tough winter off the outdoor furniture and plants, hahha.

The other night I heard a quote in a movie and it really made an impression on me. I wanted to share it with you all, “there are two types of men, astronomers and astronauts”. Isn’t that a cool perspective, the one who studies it to the depths and the one who goes into and touches it to the depths. Which are you? Do you switch between the astronomer and the astronaut depending on a certain area of your life? If by identifying where you are an astronomer and where you are an astronaut do you gain more clarity? Do you have judgements about one or the other? Do you have peace with both roles of astronomer and astronaut in your life? Just a different perspective to gain more insight!