Every Step | i am april rucker

Posted by | March 19, 2014 | Fireside | No Comments

So as I thought and thought about what do I want to share with all of these special people this month: Should I write about meditation or getting out of the way and surrendering, should I talk about 2014, about what’s going on around the world?

But the only topic that really pulled me was to tell you how much I love you, to tell you how special and remarkable you are. To remind you that you are limitless beings who can have the life of your dreams.

I have been so blessed with some of the most amazing souls who walk through my gates. I am in awe of the triumphant and courageous steps each of you take in not only your spiritual journey but your all encompassing life steps. The way I see you all learning to not take all of this so seriously, watching you begin to trust yourselves, to love yourselves. And then watching you go out there and remind others how to trust themselves, love themselves, how to laugh about it all.

Every step I love you, if I see you once in this lifetime, once a week, once a year. I love you. I am one of many
in your corner laughing and (maybe throwing some glitter) cheering you along. You have thousands of angels, guides, earth tribe members, friends and loved ones supporting you, loving you. I love you every step of
the way.