Knowing is Synonymous with Action | i am april rucker

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“True knowing is synonymous with behavior. The things you know are true you just do. If you were asked to scratch your nose, you wouldn’t say “eh I think I can do it” you would just scratch your nose. The things you know are true you just do.

Action and knowing are synonymous

So if your behavior doesn’t exhibit it then that means you don’t quite know it yet. So keep digging.” Think about the scene at the end of when Harry met Sally where’s he running down the street to tell Sally how he feels – his knowing propelled him into action. Now think about something in your life you can’t get going on, can’t seem to get right or find. Let’s say your wanting to find your dream home.

 So what are all the things you need to “know” to align to propel into action. Maybe You need to know where/when your next house will come in? What kind of house do you want? How much you can spend? You need to know the right house is out there and ready? Maybe you don’t want to move now? Once all of these align you will know and begin to take action. Maybe your waiting for your divine love. What don’t you know yet about yourself or this person? Do you know this person is out there? Do you know what specifically you want? Same thing with finding and creating your ideal job. Ask yourself what do I not know about what I want to do day to day- am I afraid? Am I being clear about I want to do for work? Do I want to switch careers? Am I being honest with what I want? If I could have what I want, what would that look like?

You see sometimes we aren’t clear actually what we want, we aren’t specific enough because we don’t know. Once you deeply and authentically know nothing can stop you from taking action.

Think about a time you just knew something and took immediate action- your Harry running down the street moment. You moved towards it immediately didn’t you. Why? Because you had absolutely no doubts, no lack of clarity, no more questions- so you were able to take action. If your not acting look at what you don’t know and dig with some questions.

Knowing is synonymous with action.