Mother’s | i am april rucker

Posted by | May 01, 2014 | Fireside | No Comments

This is the month that we honor our mothers!

All mothers, grandmothers, mentors that acted as mothers, Mother Earth, Mother God.

I am so grateful for Mother Earth, for her air and water for her mountains and sunsets, for the trees, the tea leaves, the oceans, for how we walk on her everyday and she continues to hold us everyday and embrace every moment of every day.

I honor Mother God this month as well for her win win interventions. For her humbleness. For the ways in which she does so much without acknowledgement, like so many mothers. May we continue everyday

to remember her, connect with her, forge ahead with her. May her red roses fall upon us every day.

I honor my 4 precious grandmothers who send love from the other side. I am so grateful for my mom. My mom, Diane, is the funniest person I know and has a huge precious heart. I wish her a happy Mother’s Day, with so much love! I wish all of your mothers, you who are mothers and you who will be mothers Happy Mothers Day!