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As I have started my daily workings with my team, I keep hearing them say- Help them figure out what they want. What they truly want.There is so much out there on how to manifest and break through but how do we identify What we really want. So we will always be receiving matches for our truest “wants”. People who get what they want are most often the people who accurately and clearly know what they want.
When something isn’t manifesting, you feel indecisive, or nothing is flowing it’s a good time to stop and say what do I truly want. Am I clear on what I want? What do I want? If your not clear on what you want then it’s hard for the universe to manifest components and movement to make anything happen.

fireside11. What do I want?
In a deeply authentic way, Not a complaining about anything and everything way- but getting Specific about what you want. Try to steer away from superficial wants, (although these superficial wants will sometimes will be our starting points and that is ok). Sometimes to help you start this you can get clear on what you don’t want.

2. What must I do to have it?
Bring into effect your preferences and your analytical components-meaning your beliefs and logic about what must be done to have the want.
3. How would I feel when I have it?
Daydream with this…. Take the full want and what you have decided you would have to Do to achieve, receive, call it in and watch it play out like a movie. This daydream helps you to have foresight and will often provide more clarity about what you want.
4. So, what I really want is to feel?
So as the daydream is coming to an end, identify how these desires, achievements, and experiences made you feel.
Once you have answered those four questions. Take the answer from #4, what I really want to feel and move it to the answer of the first question, what do I want. And begin answering the questions again. Do this about 6-8 times until you get deep enough to say, “oh that’s what I want”.
Here’s an example: (Jackie is doing the exercise PM is asking the 4 questions)

PM: Jackie, when you think about creating a plan for your life, I want you to first answer a simple question: What do you want?
Jackie: I want to be financially successful
PM: and what do you have to do to become financially successful?
Jackie: I have no clue
PM: that’s ok- start with the things you can do to move toward that goal
Jackie: I’d have to start by having a great job
PM: So if you had a great job and became financially successful how would you feel?
Jackie: as if I accomplished something
PM: so what you really want is a sense of accomplishment… What would it take for you To feel that?
Jackie: well it would have to be difficult, I mean nothing you want in life is Easy right
PM: so you’d have to face some challenges?
Jackie: right
PM: and if you had faced those challenges and accomplished a few goals, how would you Feel then?
Jackie: I couldn’t just stop there. I’d think there’s got to be something beyond this, there’s Got to be more.
PM: so what you really want is to feel your on the move in your life. What would You have to do to feel that?
Jackie: I’d have to stop denying that I’m stuck
PM: how are you going to feel when there’s no more denial in your life?
Jackie: fulfilled and proud of myself
PM: and will you feel when you can say honestly I’ve got a step by step plan- no more denial?
Jackie: on top of the world
PM: and what exactly does that mean?
Jackie: free.
PM: so what you really want is to be free- free of being bogged down, free of denial?
Jackie: yes
PM: Jackie you have said “I want to be proud, I want to be fulfilled, I want to be free”. What Will you have to do so that you feel that way?
Jackie: I’ll have to be disciplined and be open to challenge of change.
PM: Very good. If you started living your life in a disciplined way, instead of in a “if it feels good,
do it” sort of way, and if you opened yourself up to challenge instead of running from it, how would you feel?
Jackie: I’d feel like I have a place in the world-and I won’t always be wishing that I were somebody else.
PM: So what you really want is to accept yourself for who you are and feel like you belong
somewhere in this world?
Jackie: yes
PM: what a great goal that is!

By identifying what we want our frequency/ vibration will then manifest all that is necessary to fulfill that want. Because the clarity of the want allows all of your energy to flow into one stream of focus. When you identify what you want your energy becomes a large fast moving river, rather than little streams of desires and inaccurate wants.

So for the next couple of weeks focus on what you want, with your meditations, by asking these 4 questions, opening up a dialogue with friends, start talking and thinking and working with what you want. Once you know what you want put your order into the universe and open those arms to receive.