Why the leaves fall, A Lakota Legend | i am april rucker

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Many moons ago when the world was still very young, the plant and animal life was enjoying the beautiful summer weather. But as the days went by, autumn set in, and the weather became colder with each passing day. The winds began to brush the skies and river tops, whistling though the mountains and trees. The grass and flower folk were in a sad condition, for they had no protection from the sharp cold. Just when it seemed that there was no hope for living, great spirit who looks after the things of creation came to their aid. Saying, that the leaves of the trees should fall to the ground, spreading a soft, warm blanket over the tender roots of the grass, trees and flowers.

To repay and thank the trees for the loss of their leaves, he allowed them one last bright array of beauty. That is why, each year, during Indian summer the trees take on their pretty farewell colors of red, gold, and brown. After this final display they turn to their appointed task-covering the Earth with a thick rug of warmth against the chill of winter.