Write Yourself a Love Letter, an Appreciation Letter | i am april rucker

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Think about a time you received a heartfelt card from someone.
You could tell they took time picking out the card and sat and wrote something meaningful.
Remember how much that touched your heart.
We’ll now it’s time to do the same for yourself.
Write a heartfelt letter of gratitude, appreciation and love to yourself about yourself.
Take sometime, put some conscious and generous thoughts and feelings into it and allow yourself
to boldly express your love for yourself.
Color, draw, really create the letter you have always wanted to receive.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.58.46 PM

Put the letter in a sealed envelop with your name, address and a stamp on it.
Give the letter to someone you trust and ask them to drop it in the mail to you at some point in
the next year (without telling you when they do it).
The timing of this will blow your socks off!
People will reflect to you how you love yourself. Give yourself the love and ” they” will too!

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