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kindness project

I sent this idea out to clients and friends a couple months ago, and I wanted to share it with  you.


For the next day, week, month, year (whatever time line aligns for you) place notes of encouragement on strangers cars, bicycles.  Trust what you write on the note, things like “you matter, don’t give up on you dreams, thank you, trust your instincts,” to name a few.

Who knows maybe one will end up on your car or bicycle.


Ripples of kindness can change the world and will.


So here is what I do. I take 25 small pieces of paper and write kindness notes on them. I put them in a small baggie in my car so at anytime I can spread kindness. I then place them on a car, a bicycle, or if I feel inclined, hand them to a person. You could also set aside a couple of hours during the day and drive around placing them on cars … let this organically take shape for you.


Add it to your to do list, make room in your schedule.





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